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All batches, great looks

Outstanding packaging: beautiful, up to date and well designed.

In co-operation with you, our full COLORCAN concept helps us to develop packaging  that will strengthen your market position. With our printing techniques or high end labelling possibilities for cylindrical tin can packaging we are able to create a unique look and feel. Therefore we stick to our promise:

“ All Batches, great looks! ”

Cylindrical Tin Can Packaging including a lid

Colorcan Printservice

Characteristic for cylindrical tin can packaging is the straight body. When the content is more than 1 litre, this packaging can be held by a handle. We have 2 types of handles: metal (Western Europe) or plastic (UK and USA). All measures of content can be internally coated (water based paints) or internally plain. For our complete range of cylindrical tin can packaging check our brochure or website.

Cylindrical Colorcan ≡ Hildering Packaging