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Colorcan Printservice

On the basis of the design provided by you, or your publicity agency, our studio makes an adaptation to a print on tinplate or a label. If so desired our design department can also be of assistance when developing your design.Generally we can send you a proposal for approval within 2 weeks. For approval you receive a print on special paper (GMG) or a digital test print as a pdf.

After your approval of the proof print or pdf, we can determine the lead time of your printed tin can packaging. For direct printing on tinplate, depending on the production cycle of the tin can packaging size the lead time varies from 3 to 6 weeks. Standard sizes have a shorter lead time.

When we print using labels the lead time is approx. 2- 3 weeks after approval of the test print.

The consignment specifications (keylines, etc.) of the design will be sent to you on request.

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