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Hildering PackagingHildering PackagingHildering Packaging

Hildering Packaging is specialised in tin can packaging, we have a complete and extensive range for the paint and chemical industry. Our company, founded in 1958, has customers from leading varnish and paint factories at home and abroad. We can offer you a complete range of duo component packaging, paint kettles, liquid cans and pails. In a nutshell, all tin can packaging for lacquers, stains, paints coatings and construction chemicals. Using the most modern techniques we can produce the latest forms, the most appealing prints and the best protection currently available.
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Hildering InnovationsHildering InnovationsHildering Innovations

Hildering Innovations focuses on innovative solutions for the paint and chemical industry. This could be packaging and paint tools. Every year we introduce new products. That our approach catches on is evident from the many innovative products we successfully market at home and abroad. We develop innovations in co-operation with our customers, but also by listening very carefully to them. From the initial idea to production we have the means and the knowledge ready. We invite you to join us to think up, develop and market new concepts.
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Hildering Go!PaintHildering Go!Paint

Go!Paint a part of Hildering Industrial Packaging dealing with our assortment of innovative paint tools. These paint tools have the following characteristics: easy to use, freedom of movement for the user, environmentally friendly and cost efficient. When somebody is going to paint there is a big chance that a Go!Paint product will be used. The Go!Paint paint tools have been developed and patented by Hildering Industrial Packaging. These products are for the DIY and the professional market. Well-known paint tools are Roll and Go, the Clean and Go, the inliner, Pour and Go and our Clip and Go.
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